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Inspire Staff Performance with Activ Appraisals Software

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Performance Review Software from Activ People HR

Performance reviews should be more than a tick in a box.

Using appraisals software can transform uninspiring ‘tick box’ performance reviews into a real two way opportunity to improve productivity and staff development.

Activ Appraisals software is designed to help engage your people like never before.   Improved recording of ongoing achievements and feedback, with better preparation ahead of the meeting means that you will have an accurate picture of staff performance across the review period.

During the actual performance review, managers can therefore focus on energy and motivation, dealing with performance challenges, creating opportunities and mutual potential for growth.

Our Appraisals software is easy to use. smarter than word documents, more efficient than email and gives you the full picture of your people.

Activ Appraisals Software Benefits

Having Activ Appraisals software means that managers can easily:

  • Manage multiple performance appraisals easily
  • Obtain employee self assessments
  • Identify & record staff achievements
  • Conduct 360° appraisals (if desired)
  • Build a Competency Framework
  • Set & Record SMART Objectives
  • Tackle & correct performance challenges
  • Automatically forward completed appraisals for Secondary Validation & Sign Off

Activ Appraisals delivers performance appraisal software, so you have an efficient way to build an accurate picture of your people.

Preparing before a Performance Review

Activ Appraisals software helps managers prepare before a staff performance review.  The process starts with gathering feedback from  your employee.

The software helps you create a self-assessment questionnaire, which is automatically sent to the employee to complete online ahead of a review.

Multiple self-assessment questionnaires can be defined in the system for different job roles, thus ensuring the questions asked are only appropriate to the employee’s role.

The Activ Appraisals Software automatically forwards the questionnaire to the employee ahead of the appraisal.  The employee can then complete the questionnaire online – and once they are happy with their comments, they are saved and forwarded to the manager for perusal.

performance appraisals software young man reviewing last appraisal

Gathering Extra Feedback on Staff Performance

Traditionally, appraisals take the view of the Line Manager who assesses staff performance and either delivers that alone or with the support of the HR team. This is called the ‘static’ appraisals process. For employers who run static appraisals, once the employee has delivered their feedback, they will be ready to conduct a review.

360 Degree Feedback Option.

For employers who prefer to collect additional feedback, a 360° appraisal system for peer reviews is built into Activ Appraisals software.

The employer can ask for feedback from peers, other managers and external suppliers as required ahead of the performance review meeting. Again, you can create multiple questionnaires to ensure only relevant questions are asked. This gives more rounded feedback and may highlight skills a line manager was not aware of.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to conduct performance reviews, the appraisals software system is as flexible as your organisation and managers can use the feedback options they prefer.

360 degree performance appraisal model

Assessing Challenges & Employee Successes

using 360 degree performance appraisals software is easy for staff

Activ Appraisals Software makes it easy for both managers and staff to review outcomes of the objectives from the last appraisal.

By being able to see goals agreed and progress the through the year, managers can assess and discuss the challenges and employee successes before agreeing new SMART goals.

Assessing Employees against a Competency Framework

In order to decide whether or not a staff member has the qualities, professional skills and technical abilities to do a given job role, you need a standard against which to assess them.

A Competency framework allows you to build a list of competencies to assess your people.   Activ Appraisals allows managers and senior administrators to create a framework of competencies that line managers can use during appraisals and assessments.

Activ Appraisals software enables you to define both behavioural and technical competencies.  By building a competency framework, employers are able to assess whether an employee has the required skills, abilities and personal qualities to perform their job.  Some competencies will be relevant to all employees, whereas others will be specific to their job.

Activ Appraisals software enables managers to create and maintain an unlimited framework of competencies.  Once built, competencies can be shared across all or a series of roles or can be made specific to a certain job role.

Once the framework has been set up, a manager can look at the Competency Framework ahead of an appraisal or performance review.  They can assess whether the employee has the required skills for the role, and if not, plan to set smart goals during the review meeting to ensure these qualities and skills are developed.

Traditional performance reviews using Activ Appraisals

Setting and Defining Smart Objectives

Activ Appraisals guides your managers to set SMART objectives for their team by entering an objective statement.

The statement should reflect:

(S)  State a detailed, specific description of the objective
(M) Explain how success will be measured
(A)  Agree how the objective will be achieved
(R)  The goal must be realistic, so consider any training and resources that will be required
(T)  Agree a target date for completion

The system can also be configured to allow the managers to enter stretch goals for each objective to encourage the employees to push themselves to exceed expectation.

Activ Appraisals allows for objectives to be weighted in line with the organisation’s priorities, and can be monitored and reviewed at set intervals, on an ad hoc basis or at the next performance review.

Make your SMART Objectives SMARTER

Defining the SMART objectives is just the start of the process, it is vital to ensure an ongoing Evaluation and Review of these objectives.

Activ Appraisals Software makes it easy for both managers and staff to feedback process on the objectives and evaluate the targets and update the priorities.

This ongoing review ensure the employees objectives continue to be aligned with the ever evolving department and organisation objectives.

Activ appraisals offers easy 360 degree performance appraisals

After a Performance Review

The manager and employee will have agreed new SMART objectives for the next period.

The employee will leave the meeting with a clear idea of what is expected and the manager is able to record the outcome, ensuring that progress can be measured against the SMART objectives no matter how much time elapses between this review and the next.

The  Activ Appraisals software will then forward the completed review for additional sign offs if required, and will automatically generate notifications and reports for the specified recipients.

Employees and managers can add objectives or request training at any time, and the appraisals software will automatically notify both parties when these are made, maintaining a constant dialogue in between performance appraisal meetings.

This way, delivering feedback is an ongoing process, no matter how frequently you choose to formally meet your staff.

setting smart goals is part of our performance appraisals software

Activ Appraisals – Part of the Activ People HR System

There are even more benefits for Activ Appraisals users who use the full Activ People HR system.   As well as information about the employee’s performance, managers will have access to:

  • Sickness and Holiday Records
  • Whether vital documents, such as driving licences or food safety certificates are due to expire
  • Any grievance or disciplinary procedures
  • Employee Training History
  • Status of any mandatory training, e.g. manual handling
  • Training your employee has requested
  • Whether your employee has read and acknowledged important policy documents in the staff policy handbook

Armed with this extra employee information in advance, the Manager has the full employee picture – and can set even more targeted goals.